Several years ago while surfing the web I came across some helpful information in Biblical Studies.  This particular study is called “Bibliology.” This is a free study.  Don’t let the “free” fool you. Just because it doesn’t cost anything does not mean that quality is missing.  Take a few moments and check out the course.  In my estimation you will find helpful information that will help guide you in your study of the Bible.  Here is the link:

Free Course on Bibliology

In order to use this with Google Translator, click on the link Free Course on Bibliology , then copy the URL for the Free Course link, open Google Translator, paste the link’s URL  into the translate box. Select language preferences and click “Translate.”


About Dr. Robinson

Dennis Robinson is an ordained bishop and has served as pastor, evangelist, teacher, missionary, administrator and chaplain. Academic accomplishments include Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Education.
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