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The  work below is a revision and enlargement of A.H. Strong’s
“Systematic Theology,” first published in 1836. There were seven editions printed of the original, with each addition containing successive corrections and hopeful improvements.
During the twenty years intervention after its first publication Dr. Strong accumulated much new material, which is offered in this work. Strong’s philosophical and critical point of
view also changed to some extent. While he still held to the old doctrines, in this work he provides differing interpretations and more clear exposition, because he felt he had reached a fundamental truth which brought new light upon the all. This truth he attempted to show in his book entitled “Christ in Creation.” Readers who are interested should seek out and engage that book.

In Strong’s judgement the key to theology is the fact that Christ is the one and only Revealer of God, in nature, in humanity, in history, in science, and in Scripture.
In this view in an implication of a idealistic, monistic conception of the world, together with an evolutionary idea as to its origin and progress. Strong saw in this an antidote to
pantheism, because it recognizes evolution as only the method of the transcendent and personal Christ, who fills all in all, and who makes the universe teleological and moral from its center to its circumference and from its beginning until the present.

Evolution nor the higher criticism has any terrors to one  who regards them as parts of Christ’s creating and educating process.  Christ, himself, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge alone furnishes all the needed safeguards and limitations.
Because Christ has been forgotten is the only reason that nature and law have been personified. It is for the same reason that history has been regarded as unpurposed development.  Judaism has been referred to a merely human origin.  Paul has been thought to have switched the church off from its proper track even before it had gotten fairly started on its course.  Superstition and illusion have come to seem the only foundation for the sacrifices of the martyrs and the triumphs of modern missions. Strong believed in no such irrational and atheistic evolution as this. Rather, He believed in him in whom all things consist, who is with his people even to the end of the world, and who has promised to lead them into all the truth.  You may find a copy of Strong’s Systematic Theology at the link below.

Strong, AH – Systematic Theology

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