Encounterz is a faith-based endeavor and is a by-product and development of the ministry of Dr. Dennis Robinson. During his academic studies at the Master’s level Dr. Robinson came to the conclusion that there are several items necessary for the Church to continue in successful Christian ministry. Among these items are Scripture based Theology, Effectual Prayer, Evangelism, and Discipleship and nurture. Though other items may be essential, these four items are what impacted Robinson’s life and are an outgrowth of his own spiritual development and formation.

During one of his classes in seminary the Lord spoke a single word into the spirit of Dr. Robinson. That word was “discipleship.” Since that time he has endeavored to disciple and train from the pulpit ministry, in Bible college and Bible Institutes. Information has been gleaned from diverse locations, which Robinson wants to share and make available to anyone who can use it. Most of the materials are free. Depending on what the visitor to the sites are looking for, some materials may have a small price attached. A greater majority of the materials are FREE.

This site, word.encounterz.org is one of the facets of delivery for the above mentioned four-fold paradigm.